The Borough of Point Pleasant

The offical municipal website, providing details about government offices, services, officers and how to contact the borough.

The Borough of Point Pleasant Beach

The borough's official website with information about the municipality's government and services.

Finding a Place to Stay.....

You have a wide range of options when it comes to finding a place to stay while you are visiting Point Pleasant or Point Pleasant Beach. Most of the hotels and motels are found on Ocean Ave or Broadway. There are also a few others that are scattered around in Point Pleasant and are a bit removed from the beach. There are also a few Bed and Breakfasts that are found around both towns.

Hotels and Motels

two hotels in point pleasant beachThere are no high rise hotels that have balconies overlooking the ocean at Point Pleasant Beach. However there are many places you can stay that site just behind the boardwalk or a minute or two walk from the boardwalk and the beach beyond. The bulk of the walk-to-beach from your room Point Pleasant Beach hotels are located south of the commercial boardwalk area, and are either on or right off of Ocean Ave. The second concentration of hotels and motels in Point Pleasant are a bit less convenient to the beach, as they are located across the Broadway Bridge. Here you will find overnight accommodations in a number of places along and around Broadway, and before you reach Route 35.

Point Pleasant Hotels are generally booked well in advance during the summer

Rental Homes and Condos

If you are interested in more than just staying a night or two, you should consider renting a house or a condominium. Here you will find a much wider ranger of choices than what is available from motels and hotels. Location, the size a point pleasant beach streetof the living quarters and the price can all very greatly. Despite the large number of places that are available for rent, you will have to plan far ahead if you want to find a place that is just right for you. Many places are booked well in advance, sometimes a full year ahead, and it can be difficult to find rentals during busy summer holidays. The best way to find a rental unit is to work with a local real estate agent.

Bed and Breakfasts

There are a few B&B's scattered around Point Pleasant Beach and Point Pleasant. These can be lovely if you are wanting to be a little more pampered than what you can find in a hotel or with renting a house.

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